2 thoughts on “AA Make Lab Hooke Park”

  1. Hi Anam,
    Thanks a lot for the pics, looks like a great Workshop and I can recognize Jeroen at the machines!
    The website of his unit at the AA (inter6) is part of the links on the blogroll.
    Is the structure a gridshell? how did you link Arduino to it?
    I have placed the IL10 on Gridshells in the dropbox, I have also added an essay by Mark Cabrinha which talks about Geodesic Curves on free-form surfaces. This is what we used for Chester Zoo (http://arthurmani.com/?p=131).
    I had a great conversation with people on the GH forum about it: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/gridshells-1

  2. the course was only a week so the tutors already came with the codes and devices already working, they just had to be assembled and tested… the arduino stuff was through rhino, but i don’t know how precisely, I was in the team working on the voronoid, but i helped out with the initial stages of construction on the grid shell.

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