2010 AA Biodynamic Structures Workshop

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These are some pictures from the 2010 AA Biodynamic Structures Workshop.

The project concept developed by our team was an interactive acoustic wall that reacts to different sound frequencies. The higher the frequency sensed the more the balloons inflate and the brighter the LEDs enclosed in the balloons become. The balloons inflation is controlled by valves that open and close through the use of servos.
We had one night and half a day to build the whole prototype and in the end unfortunately it was not fully functional.

One thought on “2010 AA Biodynamic Structures Workshop”

  1. Thanks a lot Marilu,
    Very advanced outcome for a 10days long workshop, imagine what we can do in a year!
    Are there ideas from this project which you would like to use this year?
    Would you be able to demonstrate how servo motors work to the students on Thursday’s pin-up?
    Don’t forget too add categories and tags to your posts 🙂

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