Marc Burry, the Sagrada Familia and the SG11 Sound Responsive Wall

Marc Burry  is an Architect from New Zealand, currently Professor of Innovation and Director of the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory at RMIT University (SIAL), Melbourne, Australia.

He is also Executive Architect and Researcher at the Temple Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Catalonia,Spain.

His team’s digital explorations of Gaudi’s models which principles are described as “Associative Geometry”, have been a great inspiration. Here are some pages from my third year portfolio on the four Hyperbolic Paraboloids (hypar) which shape each columns of the “triforium gallery” at the Sagrada Familia:

Marc Burry’s cluster at the last Smart Geometry event in Copenhagen produced the great work below based on Gaudi’s technique linked to Grasshopper.


Above: Using sound waves as agent


Above: Using Gaudi’s Technique to build a cone !  


SG Crew:
Xavier De Kestelier, Jonathan Rabagliati, Josh Mason, Hugo Mulder, Shane M Burger, Hugh Whitehead

Adam Laskowitz, Ben Coorey, Eric Turkiemicz, Giovanni Betti, Kathy Yuen, Ralf Lindemann, Robin Bentley, Thomas Hay

Cluster Leaders:
Phil Ayres, Mark Burry, Jane Burry, Daniel Davis, John Klein, Alexander Peña de Leon, Brady Peters

Tobias Olesen

Mette Thomsen, Martin Tamke, Annica Ekdahl, Stig Nielsen, Shop Crew

Additional Support:
Chris Williams, Robert Woodbury, Peter Holmes, Brad Marmion,  Koi Khoo, RMIT & SIAL

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