SPM Vector Components

Daniel Hambleton  is a mathematician working in the AEC industry (Architecture Engineering and Construction): a role he hopes will continue to push the boundaries of current design practice. In 2009 he helped start the Studio for Progressive Modelling (SPM), a service provided by Halcrow Yolles that combines expertise in structural engineering, mathematics, and computation, to solve complex problems in architecture.

Since the official launch of the SPM, Daniel has worked on projects both locally and abroad, collaborated with established and emerging architects, organized an interdisciplinary discussion series, lectured at the University of Toronto, presented at international conferences, written technical papers, and generally been incorrigibly interested in the interaction between mathematics, engineering, and architecture.”

Daniel and Chris Walsh have developped a plugin for Grasshopper called SPM Vector Components which you can download on Food4Rhino. It provide some utilities that deal with vector fields, emitters, particules and motion. Below are some examples of the plugin being used:


Above: SPM VC Dynamic Emtters


Above: SPM VC Sprites


Above: SPM VC General demonstration

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