Quasicrystal Research paper

This is a Thesis project by Barbara Weinzierl which looks into Quasicrystals and their potential application within architecture. She has experimented taking the penrose tiling and raising it into a 3D geometry, analyzing its pattern morphology and the different combinations of rhomb found. One of the things I found most interesting is the potential of fractal patterning as shown below, this opens up great possibilies for the designer to play with scale.  I think this could be particularly appropriate for burning man as the warm baby girls were saying that scale can be difficult to gauge in the desert.  She explores their use in a single layered system as well as multidimensional crystals, creating some really interesting models.

You can read some of her research paper by following this link  to her facebook page. She has also had an article published in the Swedish design magazine “Arkitekten” this month.

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