Evapotrons are devices used at Burning Man to evaporate grey water quickly and efficiently (and they look pretty damn cool!). A tray is filled with grey water and a drum runs over it which is covered by a dark absorbent material. This drum is constantly driven round by the wind. The absorbed water evaporates from the dark material at a  much faster rate than if it were just sitting in the trough.

The website explains this process more thoroughly as well as providing information about the history and development of evapotrons over the years.

Author: antonyjoury

I have been working at Stiff Trevillion Architects in London for the past 2 years. I was mainly doing 3D work, building the models in Vectoworks and rendering with Artlantis. My undergraduate course was at the Bartlett, UCL. The majority of my degree was spent doing hand drawings and I hope unit 10 can help me expand my extremely basic computer skills.

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