This solidified sand structure is created by pouring a mixture of sand and saturated sodium salt solution over the crest of the dune. As the liquid builds along the crest it creates new channels which pour towards the base of the dune. Once the poured mixture has solidified through the crystallisation of the salt the bulk of the dune can be blown away, simulating the migration of dunes in deserts. This reveals an interior volume within the sand structure.

  1. arthurmani said:

    Jack that’s brilliant thanks! Would it work on a larger scale?
    Do you have some diagrams of how it works?
    Can you reproduce the experiment digitally?
    Have a look at voxels on processing (When you download Processing and the Toxiclibs library it is in the examples):
    Once you manage to reproduce digitally, you can do a stunning render of how it would look like!

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