Mapping potential locations

Mapping potential locations

Cosmogony, as in the coming into existence, is a network of collaboration and participation in the city of burning man. Cosmogony is based on 50 000 components (10 variations of them) which will be given to 50 000 burners and their interaction will enable the social phenomenon of participation. People have their own freedom to make their own creations. Creative participation is the only constraint to make this project work.

People receive one single component with their ticket to the festival. The project is enabled only when the people intermingle with each other. The assembly process can be interesting and fun. It also invites curiosity. It’s manipulation does not always indicate any particular use or any specific location. The beauty of the potential structure(s) is that no one knows where it will appear, it isn’t organized and it just grows. What is suggested is the direct interaction of humans.

A manual of directions for possible structures to be made will be given to burners as a start point. A variety of scales, from a chair, to a bed, to a dancing platform to a mega structure. The aim of this project regardless of one’s physical capabilities, skills, interests or geographical location is to engage in the creation of a mega structure by adding their component to it. A structure made by everyone that belongs to everyone. The assembly process is fast and unpredictable as the human’s creativity cannot be controlled . A series of experiments for the potentials of the manipulation of this system was tested by inviting a several people to create forms out of these components. The bigger scale will be tested in burning man city.

When the festival will be over, the burners will be able to disassemble the structure and take their components back home.

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