MudPit embodies  the fun and energy of burning man, a place where you can return to your primitive ways and act as childish as you like, you may even witness a spot of wrestling if you’re lucky.

Branching Structure

Throughout the design process I have been keen to emulate and utilise the natural beauty and strength of branching structures in nature. The design was realised through a series of analogue and digital experiments looking at branching systems, slowly evolving into the design shown.  The structure is made from PVC pipe with metal framework, and is tapped into the ground, quite literally as some of the branches are drilled deeper into the ground, tapping into the Playas water table. This means that a constant and almost guaranteed supply of water will be available, lowering the reliance on providing water for the structure.

The water would then be sucked up through the pipes using either a hand pump or a solar pump and then sprinkled into the centre of the structure, creating the MudPit.

Mudpits in Nature

Mudpits within nature are important. Animals from all over the world use mud to their advantage. Elephants, pigs, rhinos and many more use it primarily too cool off and to also protect their skin from the sun. Other animals such as vultures use the mud to clean the bacteria from their feathers.

But lets not forget the importance of interaction between animals within the mud, they will play with each other in the mud creating and reinforcing strong social bonds. The mudpit is not only a place to improve ones health, it is a place to socialise.

Humans seem to relish a primitive mud fight, from festival goers to rugby players to spa lovers, many experience mud’s positive qualities on a regular basis.

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