Algae Systems

Before algae appeared in Earth’s history billions of years ago, our planet’s atmosphere was saturated with CO2 – by producing O2, algae, also known as cyanobacteria, made our atmosphere breathable. Similarly, fossil fuels are comprised of carbon-rich deposits of ancient algae and other similar organisms. Basically, there has never been a breathable atmosphere, or a drop of fossil fuel pumped from below, that does not originate from these organisms. Today, living algae represent a new source of regenerative energy for our vehicles, industries and power plants. By converting perceived waste into resources, algae has the potential to transform economies and create closed loop systems to sustain life.

Algae needs sunlight + waste H20 + CO2 to grow = and produces O2 + clean H2O + lipids [which can be used for a variety of products i.e. biofuel / pharmaceuticals / food / plastics / energy]

There are different ways to extract the oil [lipids], H20 and biomass from the mature algae solution, the following are links to some video’s showing the cultivation and extraction processes that are used in algae based systems.

Growing Algae : GreenFuel Technologies

Processing Algae for Oil: Algae Bioreactor

Single Step Extraction for Oil from Algae:

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