12th April Tutorials

Below are several pictures from our last tutorials.

Above: An impressively strong laser-cut model from Dan Dodds made of 2mm card. the small four-sided component which is repeated is based on this “space-packing” (leaves no gap) Archimedean solid: http://www.matematicasvisuales.com/english/html/geometry/space/truncatedoctahedrontessela.html


Above: A Grasshopper definition generating an entire building from Chris Ingram. This is for a growing TechHub around the Sillicon Roundabout.


Above: Floating Earth Island for the Twa tribe in Zambia by Kayleigh Dickson. The physical model is made from a steel mesh, a layer of waterproof cement and an earth and straw compound. PLants have started growing on the entire structure now.


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