Occupy the Buffer Zone

Final Design Thesis:

Cyprus 1974: The forced geographical separation of the two main communities of the island, the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, today have been developed back to back, creating two realities separated but joined by the third space, the Buffer Zone. Because of the lack of a political solution to be given the “Occupy” movement of  Cyprus, have joined forces to set up camp inside the buffer zone demanding reunification. A network from different types of people with different backgrounds from both communities co-oporate on site to create an actual and symbolic bridge. The assembly components are made out of waste timber found around the surrounding timber workshops. It is an emergent system that comes to life through a bicommunal effort to make their own style of living , and in that way becomes symbolic. The project is based on a time based growth of occupation in order to adapt to the expansion in time, across the streets and the buildings of the area rejoinning the two communities.





Author: natasach


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