Smart devices

Smart devices are becoming an integral part of the way we use technologies. They are changing and reshaping the world, on economic, social and political levels.

Attached are two fascinating developments, the first is a report by the accounting firm Ernst & Young on the rise of  ‘Rapid Technology’ and its effect on driving transformation most importantly in Africa and India, and allowing for progress to made that by-passes many of the socio political factors which may of hindered it in the past, such as political corruption, economic sanctions, cultural restraints and most importantly economic restraints of actually buying the stuff. Technology is becoming cheaper than ever.

Six global trends shaping the business world – Rapid technology innovation creates a smart, mobile world – Ernst & Young – Global

The second is about Google Glass and how it could relate to architecture. I’m sure you have all seen it, buts its importance cant be understated. As one of the big players in the technology market the format of Google glass would allow the transmission of Architecture in a new and unprecedented way. Its still quite clumsy at the minute (my view), but what the developers are working on, and what they hint on in this video (that intuitive technology which is more closely linked to the person would make it less of a distraction) is a radical approach to the development of tech.

Its coming, end of 2013, we could all be wearing them this time next year. We live in exciting times!

Glass Architecture

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