Kinetica Art Fair

Dan Dodds

A prototype of Near Unison was exhibited at Kinetica Art Fair 2013. The pair of connected swings allowed visitors to become part of a large scale harmonograph that scratched a unique drawing into the sand below. The physical and psychological differences between the two people using the swings accounted for the different outcomes: with weight, height, starting time, patience and playfulness all playing their part. The drawings created existed for a brief moment as a fingerprint for the two people.

The armature of the harmonograph acted in a similar manner to a gramophone needle and arm, relaying the sound of the drawing being created up to the user’s ear. Listening to this sound while watching the drawing emerging had a calming, almost hypnotic effect on most poeple. With explanation from the artist and through explanatory diagrams and text, the exhibit also provided an opportunity for visitors to understand the basic…

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