Kickstarter Success

After a month of donations we surpassed our target goal and raised £1,727 toward the Burning Man project!

And these are the wonderful people who generously donated, a massive thank you to you all!

Dori Sadan Simon Jones Emma Webster Katarina Kotzia Kat Koinis Justin HaywardElizabeth Pettit The Life Cube Nicholas Courts Fillippos Petroulakis Guan Lee Anam; Marina Karamali William Firebrace J Claire Dean Paul Cowell Marilena Zamboura Lydia Fallon; Eleftheria Athanasopoulou William She Chris Dan Ruddick James McBennett Zoe Moskofoglou Zachariah Bunnell Urciuolo Maurizio Judith Varley The Bathroom Beacons Crew Stathopoulou Ourania Jack Munro Sam Allison Megan Sadler Pav Ametvic Chris&Dina Bakadima Spyridoula Aris Molfetas

If any of you wish for a message to be sent with us to be burnt at the festival please contact via email so we can arrange this.

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