Hankin’s Method

A small script based on Hankin’s Method to generate nonperiodic plane tiling patterns. It includes a very crude method for applying colour, as well as a basic projection on a non euclidean space plus the appropriate Poincare disc. This is not an Archimedean tessellation in hyperbolic space, being just a projection of the flat Hankin tiling, .


Author: stratocaster47

Live music maniac

2 thoughts on “Hankin’s Method”

  1. Hi Andrei, great research! I just looked at Hankin’s wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Hanbury_Hankin, fascinating life story, did you get the info from his book “The Drawing of Geometric Patterns in Saracenic Art” ? Can you give example of where these patterns where used? Was it mostly carved in stone? It would be nice to see how they can be converted into three-dimensional shapes while using a similar logic (i.e. the “contact angle”.)

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