system development: crystal growth & mineral deposition

The investigation started by the examination of stalagmites and stalactites as a naturally growing system. Water carrying dissolved calcite is deposed gradually, creating layers of crystalissed mineral formations. This research resulted to the study of the geometry of crystal growth and the testing of mineral deposition in general.



Experimenting with mineral deposition under different principles and mapping the results of each imprint was followed by the creation of a manually controlled 3D printer of minerals.

6 7 8

Testing with different saturated solutions, crystal growth techniques and observing changes based on drop point and drop techniques of minerals, light, temperature and consistency of solutions led to the idea of creating a clever glass panel that follows the rules of crystallisation and can transform based on environmental changes.


These panels can be used for the creation of a structure that is adaptable in extreme environmental changes of warm and cold temperature, such as those experienced in the Black Rock Dessert of Nevada where the Burning Man Festival is located.

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