Generating Sand Dunes

Having had a look at 2000-2015 sci-fi glimpses into the future, climate change remained a constant, unchanged factor of influence. This study investigates the basics of desertification, how dunes are formed and how they are shaped and moved by external forces.

10.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_0610.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_07

A couple of experiments investigate the wind effects on sand formation and also an interesting method of solidifying the resulted dune with adhesive and heat.10.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_10 10.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_11 10.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_12 10.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_13 10.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_14 10.11.2014 Portfolio_Page_15

Author: Vlad Ignatescu

Westminster University MArch (RIBA II) Student Paul Davis + Partners Architectural Assistant

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