Bismuth Crystal Growth

A crystal is a solid material whos atomic structure is arranged in an ordered and structured lattice system. The bismuth crystal, when melted into a liquid state and allowed to cool in specific conditions can form intricate patterns and geometries.

6th Nov_crit_Page_06

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Physically producing bismuth crystals:

6th Nov_crit_Page_07

6th Nov_crit_Page_08

The intial exploration was to create a digital parametric definition to mimic the rules that the growth follows. Looking at the shapes that are formed in growing a digital ‘crystal’ in one direction (linear), two directions (planar) and three directions (cubic). However, in the physical crystals that are formed, there are disruptions caused by different factors (heat, movement, etc) that alter the crystallization process that cause changes in the regularity of the final geometry.

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6th Nov_crit_Page_17

One such disruption is known as a  screw dislocation, which causes the crystal to grow in an orthogonal spiral that follows the golden ratio. These forms are developed and explored, to begin forming a habitable space from these geometries.

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3 thoughts on “Bismuth Crystal Growth”

  1. Hi, I’m curious about your lasercut model – did you actually algorithmically model the crystal growth, or was this more of an interpretation? were the dislocation points chosen or random? I’d love to understand this process better. Wonderful blog by the way 🙂

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for the comment. The lasercut model is more of an interpretation but the spiralling geometry has been modelled algorithmically in the Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino. The dislocation points have been randomly chosen for this model, but I am working on resolving an algorithmic definition to be able to reproduce a similar form parametrically as this project continues.

  2. can i get a pick to the code of your work?
    im an architecture student and looking for insperation..

    thank you,

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