Mirror Muses

Mirror Muses_01Mirror Muses_02 Mirror Muses is an installation inspired by research into anamorphosis derived from the Greek prefix ana‑, meaning back or again, and the word morphe, meaning shape or form. Specifically this is the investigation of distorted geometry which can be reconstituted into its true from when viewed in the reflection of a mirrored object. The proposed installation for this years burning man festival is an anamorphic projection of two Greek muses; Melpomene & Thalia, the muses of comedy and tragedy. Each of these projections faces a convex half-cylindrical mirror, in which the sectioned and distorted faces are reconstituted from an unrecognisable geometry back into their recognisable forms. Night 01 - BackNight 02 - Detail At night the proposed installation will be lit with EL wire. This will provide a light source, illuminating its presence to burners from a distance whilst also ensuring that the anamorphosis can take place throughout the night, allowing the reflections of both muses to brightly contrast the reflection of the night environment. 02 - Back Sun_Photoshop The installation is approximately 2.4m tall (defined by each of the mirrors) with each projection at around half that height. This enables the hollow timber sections to be laser cut from standard plywood sheets. Mirror Muses_Burning Man_P9 A structural platform would be constructed from 2″x 2″ dimensional lumber with 3/4″ gaps to allow the plywood timber sections to slot in between. These would be bolted together using cross dowels to lock each piece into place, the stairs and viewing platforms are constructed in a similar manner to create one structural component. Mirror Muses_Burning Man_P10Mirror Muses_Burning Man_P1103c - Reflection Detail Close

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