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(X)-cursive stands for explosive recursive polygons which is inspired by the recursive mountain fractals system introduced by Alain Fournier. The (X)-cursive structure is a transformation of glass to wood through iterations and will be a beautiful and exciting structure for people to climb and play with. The different densities of the structure will provide a beautiful shadows during the day. The mirrors which are parts of the structure will produce an infinite recursion through reflections which makes this structure looks like a desert sculpture.

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The principle of the subdivision method is to recursively subdivide (split) polygons of a model up to a required level of detail. At the same time the parts of the split polygons will be perturbed. The initial shape of the model is retained to an extent, depending on the perturbations. Thus, a central point of the fractal subdivision algorithm is perturbation as a function of the subdivision level. Concerning mountains, the higher the level the smaller the perturbation, otherwise the mountains would get higher and higher. In addition there must be a random number generator to obtain irregularities within the shape – and to achieve a kind of statistical similarity:

 P_n = p( n ) * rnd();

 Where p_n = perturbation at level n,

P( ) = perturbation function depending on level n, and

Rnd( ) = random number generator.

 Fournier developed a subdivision algorithm for a triangle. Here, the midpoints of each side of the triangle are connected, creating four new subtriangles.

For the perturbation of these points, they use the self-similarity and conditional expectation properties of fractional brownian motion.it2

The (X)-Cursive will use plywood as its main material, with mirror sheets as the secondary material. The plywood are cut according to the design before being assemble using zip ties. The overall dimension is big to provide enough space for people to crawl inside the structure. The lower part of the structure is attached to a base plate using hinges in order to ensure stability for the whole structure.

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Proportion and Interaction

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