crystal kaleidoscope

Crystal Kaleidoscope 1

Mirrors, crystals, and the spectacular illusion of reflection. the crystal kaleidoscope is an illusion in the desert, a scaled up crystal formation that  deconstructs the image of its surrounding environment, embodying this year’s Burning Man theme of Carnival of Mirrors.

This piece follows the crystal growth of copper sulphate crystals in its entirety; from the geometry to the materiality. The shape of this structure is a human sized copper sulphate crystal, depicting all natural elements around it. In addition, the crystal kaleidoscope uses actual copper sulphate crystals in its fabrication, in order to complete the experience of being inside a crystal kaleidoscope.  

Visitors can enter the interior of the crystal structure from a small opening, reminiscent of Alice’s in Wonderland rabbit hole, and be part of a real kaleidoscope created by blue copper sulphate crystals and their reflected patterns.

Wouldn’t you like to enter a life-sized kaleidoscope?


A number of panels used to form the installation are made by sheets of 3D spacer fabric, first treated in a super saturated solution of copper sulphate. This technique used allows crystals to develop attached on the material, making it stiff and able to be used as a construction material. The panels of crystals, in addition to the mirror surfaces, create a kaleidoscopic spectacle of reflection.

Crystal Kaleidoscope 2

The panels of the crystal kaleidoscope are connected with lasercut custom made brackets, designed to adjust in each corner.  As a visual outcome, the exterior of the structure create an illusion in the desert of Black Rock City and the interior is a kaleidoscopic cave made by actual crystals.

Crystal Kaleidoscope 3

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