Temple of Autarky

This installation hovers around the idea of a society that is not familiar with the concept of hierarchy, and is instead based on the autonomy of each individual. The built form aims to sintesize such a concept and provoke critical thinking towards ideas of self organisation.

To achieve this, Temple of Autarky is a design driven by a Cellular Automata Algorithm, an algorithm which challenges the conventions of modern science. In short, a Cellular Automata is a collection of cells arranged on  grid which evolve through a series of time steps based on rules guided by the conditions of the neighbouring cells. In other words, it is a collection of cells that constantly evolves and organises itself, without any external input, but just by following a set of predefined rules. Some theories state that our whole Universe might have started from a single cell that evolved following a dozen rules. That cell would be the initial configuration of the system, or the First Mover.

In the case of the installation, the First Mover is a collection of cells plotted along the word “autarky”, a word that describes ideals of autonomy, self sufficiency and self organisation, ideals which I believe need be echoed.

The temple stands as a physical manifestation of such concepts, and at the same time challenges our perception of aesthetics. Do we find beauty only in systems/objects we have engineered to be beautiful ? Can we find beauty in something which we had no input upon ?




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