The Multiverse

Inspired by the hypothesis of parallel universes, The Multiverse is a timber pavilion that ultilises curved crease folding system to create a fluid-like body that loops infinitely, aiming to evoke a myriad of moral conundrums. The research first looked into curved crease folding, where by introducing concentric fold lines to a flat surface would allow the surface to bend freely and flexibly. Experiments are done by testing with semi-circular modules, where a closed end loop is introduced to create different resultant forms.

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Model Photos

In cosmology, parallel universe describes the hypothetical set of infinite possible universes that exist as we make decisions in our lives – with each choice spawning a multitude of universes. In life, we are often met with these choices where we must make our own decisions in order to move on, and over time we have grown to regret and rejoice. Although it is important to realize that the present times only exist the way it does because of the choices we have made, what is more curative to the mind is that we stay true to these decisions – for it matter not what choice we made, but that we made one. We were in control of our own paths, we are, and will always be.

The Multiverse questions the nature of reality. Burners are encouraged to interact with the pavilion by writing on the surface moments of regrets and joy, leaving a piece of themselves together with others; thus they are encouraged to contemplate on their past and present, questioning their beliefs and morality, and gradually fall into a complete moral maze.



The Multiverse is constructed of a segments of 4mm plywood components which, when bolted together, forms a series of semi circular surfaces. By applying the principals of curved crease origami, where the fold angles are proportional to the curvature of the resultant surface, the semi-circular surfaces are able to bend into various forms as desired. Consequently, by fixing the hinge angles between the segmented faces, a resultant form can be established.

The pavilion appears to loop infinitely, symbolizing the hypothesis of infinite universes as generated by our decisions in life. Within the pavilion, burners are encouraged to interact with the pavilion by writing on the surface moments of regrets and joy, leaving a piece of themselves. Overtime the pavilion will be a home to emotions, where burners can sympathize one another and at the same time reflect on the self and one’s morality.

At night, the pavilion will be lit by a series of EL wires placed at the fold of the structure, thus further emphasizing the pavilion’s curvatures.

Multiverse Night

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