The Beauty of Curvature

The Beauty of Curvature proposal seeks a way of developing a curved form created entirely out of flat plywood components, which connect with each other with interlocking slots and do not require any additional fixtures. The project explores the potential of plywood as a self-supporting material, and uses boards as thin as 2.7mm, which significantly reduces the weight and cost of the structure.
The layout of the panels ensures that material waste is reduced to a minimum.

The project has evolved as a result of series of experiments and explorations of different ways of creating curvature from plywood. It initially started as an ambition of bending plywood on a formwork, using vacuum bags and lamination which proved to be non-cost effective, time consuming and not environmentally friendly due to the lamination process. The idea then shifted into curved structure composed out of 2D panels interlocking with each other, which led to its final form.

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