The Infinity Tree

Scorched, dry, barren, the desert wilderness sits silent, still, soundless, lifeless. Only the pale whispers of the delicate desert fauna can be heard. Whispering, softly a whisper becomes a murmur, gently a murmur becomes a sound before the faintest of echoes can be heard between; it begins. At first a drop, motionless. Weeks pass, slowly, … Continue reading “The Infinity Tree” at Burning Man 2015

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.” Xun Kuang (312-230 BC) at Burning Man 2015 – A video by Freddie Barrie “We believe that Architecture should be fun and in giving our students the opportunity to build projects in the real world. We want them to … Continue reading “ at Burning Man 2015”

Brief 2015 – 2016

We are back after building three projects in the desert! This year we would like our students to become Entrepreneur Makers, looking for funding opportunities to build projects in the real world. Have a look at our 2015-2016 briefs and presentations below: A4 Presentation Page Presentation Slideshow BRIEF01: EXPLORE BRIEF02: ENTREPREND BRIEF03:EXPAND

Three student projects completed at the Burning Man festival 2015

A quick update from Burning Man’s dusty “Playa” on which three Diploma Studio 10 students have built their academic projects together with a team of 60 volunteers from the University of Westminster and beyond. You can follow our Instagram account for more pictures of the journey and we will post more details and pictures on our return. … Continue reading “Three student projects completed at the Burning Man festival 2015”

Three DS10 students win Art Grants for the Burning Man Festival 2015 (Diploma Studio 10 at the University of Westminster led by Toby Burgess and Arthur Mamou-Mani)  is happy to announce more good news – Three of our students have just received art grants from the Burning Man Festival to build the pavilions they designed as part of our brief – Congratulations to the following winners: Tobias Power with The Infinity Tree … Continue reading “Three DS10 students win Art Grants for the Burning Man Festival 2015”

Thursday 14th May Cross-Crit and Future Cities

Some images of our final cross-crit of the year! Our students presented their Brief03:FutureCities. Have a look at how the next generation of architects envision the future of our cities. Thank you to Andrei Jipa, Kester Rattenbury and Lindsay Bremner. Final sprint to the portfolio submission and end of year!