Auxetic Assemble

As the Maker World develops, we want to have a greater impact on our environment, the spaces we live in. Auxetic Assemble gives you a chance to build your own furniture and have a input in your product. Auxetic Assemble gives you the chance to buy either the cut parts for the product or the instructions and CNC cutting files to then source your own material, cut your own product and assemble your work. The future of this adaptable design system allows the product to be fitted and designed to your require space.


The Pavilion

I have set up a Kickstarter Campaign in order to Fund a Pavilion in Hackney. The Pavilion is the next step in the journey to developing this system to its future potential. The construction process used for the plywood shelves will be developed at the larger scale to develop a pavilion to display the process of constructing the shelves and to exhibit the product. The Pavilion walls will become the seating, shelving and tables for the space. This is a chance to explore the system at a larger scale in order for further development for future of housing, an adaptable system that can be applied to a unique space and engages everyone as its workforce to build it.

Kickstarter Page


The Products


The design system has been developed into shelving product to sell as rewards, both in cardboard and plywood.

Table Top Plywood Shelves

Table Top Cardboard Shelves

Kickstart Photo 02




Follow the links to the Kickstarter Page to help this project be realized, Click on any image for the Kickstarter page link. Thank you.



Auxetics are materials that have a negative Poisson’s Ratio. When stretched they become thicker perpendicular to the applied force, from our own experiences when a material is stretched we expect the material to not only become longer but also thinner. Auxetics behave in a different way because of there internal structure.

Poisson’s ratio (v) of a material is the ratio of the lateral contractile strain to the longitudinal tensile strain for materials undergoing tension in the longitudinal direction. It shows how much a material becomes thinner when stretched, therefore most materials have a positive Poisson’s ratio.


The images below show modules of four structures that have Auxetic behavior. The images show the change in state of the structure as they undergo tension in the longitudinal direction.























This video shows an interesting application of an auxetic structure with inflatables by Fergal Coulter.



01 02


Final Render 01