20th October Tutorials

Below is a slideshow of our tutorials today.

Keep up the good work towards our first crit next Thursday!

It will be the end of Brief 1, Learn and beginning of Brief 2 Burn in which you will develop your research into a 1:1 functional structure for Burning Man.

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 Above: Carolyn Butlers green straws Geodesic dome with unfolded pattern

 Above: Maria Valente‘s accoustic wave surfaces through Mathematica

Above: Antony Joury‘s  weaving surfaces physical model and GH/Kangaroo model



DS10 Pin-up 1

Below is a slideshow of our first Pin-Up (6th October 2011). Students mainly looked at two experiments from either Frei Otto or Buckminster Fuller in both digital and analogue ways. Next step: Re-visiting these experiments with your own techinques and ideas, keep up the good work DS10 !

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 Above: Jack Munro doing some magic with sand and holes in a box (inspired by Frei Otto) 

 Above: Results – Almost immediate formation of cells from the sand falling through the holes

Above: Carolyne Butler showing her first experiment based on Frei Otto’s wet wool threads system.

 Above: Chris Ingram‘s nicely formatted Portfolio  

 Above: Nice little model of branching threads by  Chris Mount