Charlotte Yates BIO

Charlotte graduated from the University of Kent in 2012.   Her final major project centred on a community hub aimed at aiding the regeneration of the fishing town of Ramsgate incorporating exhibition and educational facilities.  Charlotte’s developing concepts investigated geometry and the interruption of the ‘ideal form’ whilst focusing on passive design and sustainability.

Following her undergraduate degree, Charlotte began working for KSS Design Group, a practice which specialises in major sporting venues, training grounds, educational projects and residential developments.  During her year out Charlotte has worked on two key projects; the creation of a new riverside stand at Craven Cottage, Fulham Football Club and the extensive refurbishment and extension of an Academy in Dover, Kent.  In addition to this, she has been involved in several feasibility studies looking at redeveloping a major sporting site in the UK.

With a background in textile design, Charlotte has always been interested in trying to create parallels between textiles and architecture – often working with fabric manipulation and pattern at a conceptual level.  This interest was a key factor in her decision to join DS10 which she hopes will provide the ideal environment to develop these experiments with fabric and further investigate how techniques from both disciplines can be married.

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