Mark Simpson BIO

Mark Simpson studied Architecture at the University of Nottingham, graduating in 2011. His third year project was the ‘Enclave School’ in Prato, Italy. Urban mapping diagrams of the project were consequently published in AD magazine’s ‘Systemic Diagramming, An Approach to Decoding Urban Ecologies’ article of July 2012.
Through University Mark worked for Studio Map during term holiday periods, and also with the openbuildings project during its conception and initial implementation in the summer of 2010.
After graduation Mark worked; in Beijing for WAA on the Yellow River City  Art Center project in Yinchuan. Benoy, also in Beijing on a rejuvenation scheme in Minzu, near Tienanmen square, and for Studio Map through a variety of development, rejuvenation, community, respite and high end residential projects in Yorkshire through most RIBA work stages.
Mark is interested in the design of objects and environments, both digital and physical. He is concerned with how people relate to the built environment, he believes that design should always be crafted, and that the understanding and implementation of new design tools, ideologies and techniques are imperative for the industry.
He enjoys the books of JG Ballard,  alternative, ambient and experimental music (He plays guitar), Seinfeld and cycling.
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