2010 AA Biodynamic Structures Workshop

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These are some pictures from the 2010 AA Biodynamic Structures Workshop.

The project concept developed by our team was an interactive acoustic wall that reacts to different sound frequencies. The higher the frequency sensed the more the balloons inflate and the brighter the LEDs enclosed in the balloons become. The balloons inflation is controlled by valves that open and close through the use of servos.
We had one night and half a day to build the whole prototype and in the end unfortunately it was not fully functional.

Hylozoic Ground

An interview with Philip Beesley on his project for the 12th Biennale Exhibition. The ‘Hylozoic Ground’ is an immersive, interactive architectural installation fitted with arrays of sensors and kinetic devices. Lightweight interlinking systems are interwoven with chemistry and respond to their environment.

Situ Solar

[top to bottom: Solar Pavillion1, 2 and 3]

Situ Studio is a New York-based design practice that engages in experimental work and material investigations and maintains a parallel operation as as a digital fabrication and design consultancy.

The Solar Pavillions are series of pavilions designed by Situ Studio that ‘explore indeterminate construction systems that are shaped by sustainable building pratices…to create a set of parts that are easy to assemble through a set of localised construction rules. The flexible structural logic allows for a wide range of configurations…Manufactured with a zero-waste mandate, these designs explore methods for producing reconfigurable temporary structures at a low cost and low environmental impact’