Paul Thorpe BIO

Paul Thorpe graduated from the Kent School of Architecture in 2012. His final design project focused on translating the route taken by eighteenth-century Grand Tourists in a museum of architectural history. His proposal set out to encapsulate the essence of space, combining literal and phenomenal transparencies which would not only reflect and define the journey taken by visitors, but also provide moments for individual reflection and interpretation. Paul’s interdisciplinary project entitled The Nature of Artwork, saw him construct a 1:500 model of the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area entirely from food.

Following his undergraduate degree, Paul spent his Part 1 year out placement at Guy Hollaway Architects. His roles within the practice varied from completing initial sketch schemes and running detailed planning applications to drafting internal elevations for a project on site. He had the opportunity to meet with clients and contractors both as part of a team and individually, compile fee quotes and oversee the work of other employees. He was also involved in the PR side of the company, managing the website and blog and designing marketing material for upcoming events.

As an individual, Paul’s interests within architecture lie in generating spaces that encourage social interaction and movement. They are fluid spaces with detailed areas of individual exploration and discovery. Recent projects as part of DS10 have increased his interest in the possibilities of parametric design and how that can act as a tool for architectural exploration and design.

A keen sportsman, Paul is a qualified tennis and basketball coach and enjoys participating in a multitude of sports including football, cycling and running.  Paul loves to travel and has completed 3 European ventures with the aspiration of many more to be taken further afield. He also has a keen interest in photography and other areas of visual representation.

To visit Paul’s website please click HERE.


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