8th November 2012 Tutorial

Great Thursday tutorials at Westminster! Thank you to former DS10 students George HintzenJoe Magri and Chris Mount for their presentation on their trip to the Burning Man festival last summer. We have just started Brief02: Template. Students will start designing a temporary structure for the Burning Man festival or an Open-Source Construction Set.

Above: Jessica Beagelman’s beautiful laser-cut plywood experiments

Above: William Garforth-Bless scanned his ferofluid and will turn them into inhabitable fountains

Above: Sarah Shuttleworth’s beautiful swarm generated wood structures

Above: George Hintzen, Joe Magri and Chris Mount presenting their Burning Man experience



This is a set of drawings and animations created of the Bartlett Summer Show in 2010. A 3D scanner is used which scans a 360 degree space, but instead of generating meshes or surfaces it creates a cloud of RGB points, meaning the space is in a way 3 dimensionally photographed and digitised.

By creating multiple scans and combining them, a virtual flythrough of the space is created, along with a series of fascinating drawings. They have also scanned projects in woods and other locations. Very cool.