Reaction-Diffusion – Alan Turing

Below are several Reaction Diffusion System apps which help to understand the parameters at play on the famous algorithm developed by Alan Turing (1912-1954).

The first one is programmed in Java:

The source code is available for you to tweak in a java app, you can use the Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment) to program in Java and test the results:

The second one is programmed using Processing which is a language based on Java:

To download and try Processing go to you can download the interface for free and access the forum for help.

A 3D processing app and pavillion design was done by BioThing (Alisa Andrasek and Jose Sanchez) based on the same Turing patterns:  Biothing also held a workshop with the DRL studio based on 3D reaction diffusion patterns:

Some of Biothing’s code is available on their Genware website. Some Processing tutorials are available on this great website by Jose Sanchez:

Finally, the creators of Hoopsnake, Volatile Prototype,  have created a processing library, ReactP5 to create Reaction-Diffusion patterns in 3D:

Stepping out of cyber space. ASOS: As seen on street.

Whilst doing some research about my headquarters; global online-only fashion store ASOS (initially promoted’ As seen on screen’), in particular any off-screen events/ existing physical manifestations of the Brand, I came across this scheme: ‘Urban-tour’.
It is a creative way of marketing men’s clothing, with an interactive video, where you can click what the dancers are wearing and purchase the clothes. The tour also ties in with my new App proposal for vacant store mapping in cities, as the scheme visits seven major cities (London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York & Shanghai) promoting the city life and culture of each. In a strange series of events the video for the London tour is set in my proposed site, a collection of disused warehouses next to Shoreditch high street street.

Processing Workshop with Toxiclibs

Karsten Schmidt has just posted the source code from the Processing Workshop which I organized  at Metropolitan Work with Marcus Bowerman. On Toxiclibs, he explains how to import the files using the java editor Eclipse. I posted some pictures on my website too. Below are couple images and pictures of the workshop:

 Above: The class on the first workshop day 

Above: Karsten showing how to make mesh faces on Processing

 Above: The Rapid Prototyped model exported from Processing developed on the first day


Above: The Processing  façade app which was developed on the second day : Define a façade in plan on the right using a curve, add and control points on the façade with particle physics and use voxels to solidify. More info.