8th and 15th November 2013 Tutorials

Here are couple pictures taken during the two last tutorial sessions. Promising breakthroughs from several students. Time to create a believable proposal (including large model and drawings) for Burning Man or any other festival.

Shiren Pattel's helicoidal tower inspired by Manual Baez
Dhiren Pattel’s helicoidal tower inspired by Manual Baez
Ieva Ciocyte's Euclid Tower
Ieva Ciocyte’s Euclid Tower
Ieva Ciocyte's Euclid Tower
Ieva Ciocyte’s Euclid Tower
Jessica Beagleman's study of the Zome structure
Jessica Beagleman’s study of the Zome structure
Josh Haywood is applying the Hankin's method to the Muqarnas
Josh Haywood is applying the Hankin’s method to the Muqarnas
Paul Thorpe's Modular plywood Tower
Paul Thorpe’s Modular plywood Tower
Garis Lu's Motors accelerate with proximity sensors
Garis Lu’s Motors accelerate with proximity sensors

Interactive sea sponge components // Mark Simpson

For my burning man proposal I have developed a method to array components, based on the three sided spicule which react to light to form an interactive light based structure

DSC_0006  DSC_0016 (2)DSC_0025 copy DSC_0021

These components have been developed, enlarged and arrayed to form an undulating structure with a complex array of pipework to hold the ldr sensors and connections. I am currently diagramming their hierarchy  connections and array formation.

Arduino Workshop at the Google Campus

This is an Arduino workshop that we are organising at the Google Campus, London, in November 2012 with Simply Rhino. It is a is a five days long initiation to the concept of adaptive structure. After two days of advanced Grasshopper, Processing and Arduino training, we will provide simple physical modeling components as well as actuators and sensors to create responsive structures reacting to movement, light and forces.

Tutors: Gennaro Senatore, Daniel Piker, Ollie Palmer and Arthur Mamou-Mani.

You can register on my website or on by calling Simply Rhino.

Arduino website


This is the arduino website where you can find very useful information on what an arduino can do, and how to use it. You can download the processing sotfware for free and browse and post comments and questions on the forum.


This is the fritzing website, which is a sotfware that helps you design your circuit, share information and learn about interactivity

2010 AA Biodynamic Structures Workshop

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These are some pictures from the 2010 AA Biodynamic Structures Workshop.

The project concept developed by our team was an interactive acoustic wall that reacts to different sound frequencies. The higher the frequency sensed the more the balloons inflate and the brighter the LEDs enclosed in the balloons become. The balloons inflation is controlled by valves that open and close through the use of servos.
We had one night and half a day to build the whole prototype and in the end unfortunately it was not fully functional.