28/02/2013 Tutorials + Crits

Couple pictures from our latest tutorials and crits. Thank you to Tommaso Franzolini, Miriam Dall’Igna, Colin Ball, Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson, Magnus Larsson, Jack Munro and Savvas Havatzias for the very helpful comments on our last cross-crit.

Jake Alsop's Temple for Bees
Jake Alsop’s Temple for Bees
Josh Haywood's Prism Prison
Josh Haywood’s Prism Prison
Andrei Jippa's fractals
Andrei Jippa’s fractals
Andrei Jippa 3d printed fractal
Andrei Jippa 3d printed fractal
Michael Clarke's Reciprocal Structure
Michael Clarke’s Reciprocal Structure
Michael Clarke's Reciprocal Structure
Michael Clarke’s Reciprocal Structure

DS10 End of Term Cross-Crit

Below are pictures of our DS10 End of Term “Cross-Crit” in which tutors from other Diploma Studios at Westminster University join as critics along with external guests.

Thank you so much to Dusan Decermic (ArcLab), Anthony Boulanger (AYArchitect), Magnus Larsson (magnuslarsson.com), Pablo Zamorano (pablozamorano.com), Louise Mackie (Warm Babies), Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson (Skin Graph) and Adam Holloway (PLP Architecture) for taking the time to come and give very helpful comments !

Students now have until the 24th January 2012 to complete their Burning Man Proposal!

Above: Michael Clarke‘s Fluorescent Tube Weave Night Club

Above: Jack Munro‘s Salt-Solidified Sand-Dunes live demonstration

Above: Magnus Larsson and Louise Mackie commenting a Salt-Solidified Sand Shell

Above: Kayleigh Dickson‘s Pin Induced Desert Crack Formation

Above: Natasa Christou‘s Collaborative Popsicle Assembly Structures

Above: Megan Sadler‘s Tensile Fabric Soft Resting Space