End of Year Show and Catalogue Images

That’s it, we are done for the year until we meet at Burning Man to build two awesome student projects. The end of year exhibition is on until the 5th July at Westminster, see details in previous post. Here are some pictures of the show and  images of our catalogue pages.

Entrance of Exhibition - Michael Clarke's WikiVaults
Entrance of Exhibition – Michael Clarke’s WikiVaults
Entrance of Exhibition - Andrei Jippa's Fractall
Entrance of Exhibition – Andrei Jippa’s Fractall
Sarah Shuttleworth - Dhiren Pattel - Thanasis Korras
Sarah Shuttleworth – Dhiren Pattel – Thanasis Korras
Chris ingram - Marilu Valente - Jacob Alsop
Chris ingram – Marilu Valente – Jacob Alsop
Dan Dodds - Tim Clare - William Garforth Bless - Thanasis Korras
Dan Dodds – Tim Clare – William Garforth Bless – Thanasis Korras
Dan Dodds Pendulum on CNC milled table
Dan Dodds Pendulum on CNC milled table
Chris Ingram's Magnetic Field Village
Chris Ingram’s Magnetic Field Village
Parts of DS10 at the exhibition.
Parts of DS10 at the exhibition.

And here are the catalogue images:

Catalogue DS10 Westminster

CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_1 CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_2 CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_3 CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_4 CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_5 CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_6 CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_7 CatalogueDS10Westminster_Page_8

OPEN2013 Westminster End of Year Show


Our end of year exhibition opens tomorrow night, 6pm-9pm and will be opened by Vicky Richardson, Director of Architecture, Design and Fashion at the British Council.

You are all welcome to join! You will see our students’ best work.

Department of Architecture
University of Westminster

Thursday 13th June, 6-9pm

University of Westminster
35 Marylebone Road

Tube: Baker Street


Near Unison | Dan Dodds | Kinetica Art Fair 2013

Near Unison, my project exploring harmonographic traces is currently being shown at Kinetica Art Fair. The exhibition is in Ambika P3, the exhibition space attached to the University of Westminster on Marylebone Road. For more information on the exhibition, and details about tickets and opening times please visit the Kinetica Art Fair website.

Kinetica Art Fair - Near Unison

The exhibit features a prototype of the interactive harmonograph swings that could form part of the larger installation proposed for Burning Man Festival, along with casts of the harmonographic traces left in sand, and photographic work documenting the process.

“The 5th Kinetica Art Fair returns February 28th – March 3rd 2013 at Ambika P3, as one of London’s annual landmark art exhibitions and a permanent fixture in the Art Fair calendar, renowned as the UK’s only art fair dedicated to kinetic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and new media art.

Kinetica is hosting the work of over 45 galleries and art organisations nationally and internationally, with representatives from UK, France, Russia, USA, Poland, Holland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Indonesia and Japan, collectively showing over 400 works of art.

A huge interactive light sculpture from Dutch artist Titia Ex will greet visitors as they enter the impressive Ambika P3 venue, and giant 3D sculptures from Holotronica will hover above the main space of the Fair. Other highlights include an exoskeleton hybrid of mananimal-machine by Christiann Zwanniken; a giant three dimensional zoetrope by Greg Barsamian; and a life-size ‘Galloping Horse’ made of light by Remi Brun”

Kinetica Art Fair Press Release