Thursday 1st November 2012 Tutorials

Below are couple pictures from our last tutorial. Williiam Garforth-Bless managed to cast charged ferrofluid in plaster and Andrei Jipa amazed us with a grasshopper definition that recursively reproduces the intersection between bubbles. His pyrite crystal inspired model is promising too!

11th October 2012 Tutorials

Below are couple pictures and videos of our tutorials today. From ferrofluids to kaleidoscopes, we learned a lot as usual! Keep up the good work guys. Special thanks to Marios Tsiliakos for all his precious help on the Grasshopper3d forum.

Above: Chris Ingram‘s beautiful Flow Line studies

Above: Michael Clarke‘s diagrams of an Abeille Vault

Above: Luka Kreze‘s Parametric Spider Web

Above: Will Garforth-Bless‘ Ferrofluid Studies