28th November 2013 Cross-Crit 2

Very enjoyable crit day for DS10 at Westminster University. It was our second cross-crit of the year and students showed their proposal for Brief2A, building an interactive structure for Burning Man or the festival of their choice.

Thank you very much to our helpful crits Harri Lewis (Ramboll RCD our engineers for last year’s Shipwreck and Fractal Cult), Marie-Isabel de Monseignat (Tutor at DRS1 Chelsea College of Art), Dusan Decermic, Anthony Boulanger and Katherine Herron. Here are couple pictures:

Marie de Monseignat is holding the Plywood Spiralohedrons
Marie de Monseignat is holding the Plywood Spiralohedrons
Jessica Beagleman's Plywood Spiralohedrons
Jessica Beagleman’s Plywood Spiralohedrons
Sarah Shuttleworth's large metal origami model.
Sarah Shuttleworth’s large metal origami model.
Paul Thorpe's Twisting Plywood pods 1:1 Model
Paul Thorpe’s Twisting Plywood pods 1:1 Model
Ieva Ciocyte's Burning Euclid Wall
Ieva Ciocyte’s Burning Euclid Wall
Joe Leach's Burning Seed Reciprocal Structure
Joe Leach’s Burning Seed Reciprocal Structure
Sarah Stell's wind powered animals
Sarah Stell’s wind powered animals
Josh Haywood's beautiful Digital Muqarnas
Josh Haywood’s beautiful Digital Muqarnas
Henry Turner's intersecting plywood wave structure.
Henry Turner’s intersecting plywood wave structure.
Will Garforth-Bless' bamboo and fabric hypars
Will Garforth-Bless’ bamboo and fabric hypars
Lorna Jackson's Spacer Fabric Cloud
Lorna Jackson’s Spacer Fabric Cloud
Charlotte Yates' Origami Roofs
Charlotte Yates’ Origami Roofs
Naomi Danos' Folding roofs.
Naomi Danos’ Folding roofs.
Mark Simpson's mirror diamonds in the desert.
Mark Simpson’s mirror diamonds in the desert.