Free Resources For Rendering

It is getting towards the end of year which means producing the final visuals. Every year this means searching for images of people, trees, vehicles and other objects and then tediously cutting them out in photoshop.

Below is a collection of blogs that offer these resources free of charge. Hope this list is helpful and please click on the images to follow the link to the original page and thank the people who have helped to create these resources.

Skalgubbar: This is a great collection of people doing a range of activities. Click on each person and then save image as to download a png.


Vyonx/Gobotree: Vyonx used to offer a wide range of free cut out people and trees. These resources have now moved to their new project called which requires a registration to download but is still free to use. A very large selection of people, trees and reference images/textures.


xoio offers cut out people and textures in packages to download as a zip file. Usefully, the people are photographed from a variety of angles allowing easy placement into architectural scenes.