17th January Pin-Up

Great to be back! Here are some pictures of our pin-up. Students have 5 more days to go before their interim portfolio submission and seven days before submitting their Burning Man and Wikihouse proposals. Then we will move on to brief03: Temple. Very excited about the projects! Thank you very much to Nick Ierodiaconou and Alastair Parvin  creators of the Wikihouse from 00:/ Architects for their very insightful comments.

130117_Pin-Up_15Above: Dan Dodds and Phil Hurrell swinging on a “collaborative” harmonograph.

130117_Pin-Up_20Above: Michael Clarke showing his reciprocal Wikihouse in frontof Nick and Alastair

130117_Pin-Up_1Above: Jessica Beagelman‘s loops taking shape.

130117_Pin-Up_2Above: Our mad unit space, filled with large models done at Grymsdyke farm.