Interim Portfolio Review

We just finished the interim portfolio review, students submitted their work so far in the form of a beautiful portfolio. We asked for 25 digital pages, Two beautiful A2+ prints, a working portfolio and an abstract. Here are some of the most complete portfolios we’ve seen:

Mark Simpson's portfolio
Mark Simpson’s portfolio, a diamond in the desert
George Guest's portfolio
George Guest’s portfolio, The Orbit
Ieva Ciocyte's portfolio
Ieva Ciocyte’s portfolio, The Flame Tower
William Garforth-Bless's portfolio
William Garforth-Bless’s portfolio, The Lotus Flower
Sarah Shuttleworth's portfolio
Sarah Shuttleworth’s portfolio, The Islamic Folding
Josh Haywood's portfolio
Josh Haywood’s portfolio, The Sun Temple
Llorna Jackson's portfolio
Lorna Jackson’s portfolio, The Anchored Fabric Cloud