17th January Pin-Up

Great to be back! Here are some pictures of our pin-up. Students have 5 more days to go before their interim portfolio submission and seven days before submitting their Burning Man and Wikihouse proposals. Then we will move on to brief03: Temple. Very excited about the projects! Thank you very much to Nick Ierodiaconou and Alastair Parvin  creators of the Wikihouse from 00:/ Architects for their very insightful comments.

130117_Pin-Up_15Above: Dan Dodds and Phil Hurrell swinging on a “collaborative” harmonograph.

130117_Pin-Up_20Above: Michael Clarke showing his reciprocal Wikihouse in frontof Nick and Alastair

130117_Pin-Up_1Above: Jessica Beagelman‘s loops taking shape.

130117_Pin-Up_2Above: Our mad unit space, filled with large models done at Grymsdyke farm.

End of Year Show and Final Crit

The academic year is over for DS10! Thank you everyone for the great enthusiasm that you have put in our unit and the wonderfully creative work which you have produced all year long. We are looking forward to learning more with you next year as well as pursuing our research agenda on a “post-crisis” society and a self-reliant, digitally and physically informed Architecture.

Below are couple pictures from our final crit and the end of year show. See you next year!

Thank you to the guest critiques: MAciej Woroniecki, Pavlos Ferreos, Magnus Larsson, Kester Rattenbury, Ioseb Andrazashvili, Niko Japaridze

Above: DS10’s exhibition space at OPEN2012 end of year Westminster Show. The vacuumed balloons installation is inspired by Emma Whitehead‘s work.

Above: DS10’s exhibition space at OPEN2012 end of year Westminster Show

Above: More DS10’s exhibition space

Above: Toby quite anxious that the balloon arch might fall or shrink…

Above: Michael is bringing some light to the small city of Rattenberg

Above: Jack Munro‘s presentation on the blood solidified sand dunes.

Above: Carly Mallon, presenting a new type of Prison.

Above: Anam Hasan and Maria Valente presenting their “Spun Architecture”

15th March Tutorial in the Park + 1st March Pin-Up

Couple joyful pictures of our last pin-up and tutorials:

Natasa Christou‘s Cyprus Laser Cut model with Buffer Zone

George Hintzen‘s self-intersecting structure

Jake Alsop‘s beautiful Light Carving Technique

Megan Sadler‘s fabric structure for ASOS is getting environemental feedback

Natasa Christou is recycling the left-overs from workshops in Cyprus to help connect people at the Buffer Zone.

Chris Ingram‘s growing TechHub structure

Marina Karamali‘s models for Time Bank’s HQ in Athens

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DS10 Pin-up 1

Below is a slideshow of our first Pin-Up (6th October 2011). Students mainly looked at two experiments from either Frei Otto or Buckminster Fuller in both digital and analogue ways. Next step: Re-visiting these experiments with your own techinques and ideas, keep up the good work DS10 !

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 Above: Jack Munro doing some magic with sand and holes in a box (inspired by Frei Otto) 

 Above: Results – Almost immediate formation of cells from the sand falling through the holes

Above: Carolyne Butler showing her first experiment based on Frei Otto’s wet wool threads system.

 Above: Chris Ingram‘s nicely formatted Portfolio  

 Above: Nice little model of branching threads by  Chris Mount