(bio)Plastic Morphologies

bioplastic r

What if Bioplastic could be used as a green construction material ?

Plastic can acquire any shape you give it.

But what about the natural behaviour of the viscous material?

Experiments consisting in elongating the viscous material can reveal an interesting form configuration that has inherent structural properties.

The rules defining the the material configuration are then coded into a script that enables to digitally replicate the shape. The structural performace of the shape opens the opportunity for many applications.

A bridge is imagined following the same formal configuration.

3-D Objects, Just Add Light

Folding 2D patterns to 3D objects only by lighting up the object is a very interesting technique been developed by the North Carolina State University. The process is very simple. A pre-stressed plastic sheet is run through a conventional inkjet printer which prints on it bold black lines. The bold black lines absorb more light when placed under the heat lamp, thus causing folding.