Shape to Fabrication Team 2

Shape to Fabrication was a week-long workshop  based on contemporary digital fabrication and generative design techniques. It was divided into four individual teams building different parts of a pavilion which will  be exhibited London South Bank University between 21-27th of November.

As I was part of team 2, the cantaliver team under the command of Rupert Maleczek (KOGE, Innsbruck) Sam Joyce / Al Fisher (Buro Happold) we aimed to use re-Claimed sheet materials. So with the support of SMART (Rhino plugin) we have done some form exercises and using cardboard corrugated sheets, we shaped the 1:1 scale structure. Also,  two testing models scale 1:4 were produced to test the strength of the structure and possible solutions

It was an interesting experience to complete a design under the pressure of for days using generative techniques. The direct collaboration of the four teams was really direct as there was structure interference.

The exhibition is an opportunity to view the output from the four workshops so please come. For further information see:

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