31/10/2013 Cross-Crit 1

Here are couple images of our first Cross-Crit which concludes Brief01:Systems and marks the beginning of our brief2A:Festival. Students will now chose a festival of their choice and use their design systems to submit a proposal for it. Thank you Michael Clarke, Kester Rattenbury and Andrew Yau for the great crit today!

Natasha Coutts' stacking spiky shingles system
Natasha Coutts’ stacking spiky shingles system
Joe Leach's soft reciprocal system
Joe Leach’s soft reciprocal system
Andrei Jippa's RepRap 3D prints.
Andrei Jippa’s RepRap 3D prints.
John Harding's woven lattice
John Koning’s woven lattice