Powered by the sun

German communications agency Serviceplan and graphic designers Matthäus Frost and Mathias Nösel have devised a uniquely appropriate way to present an annual report. The client is Austria Solar, an association of 51 solar energy companies. When examined indoors, the pages of the document are entirely blank.

However, when exposed to sunlight, the paper starts to beautifully reveal itself…

Click here for slightly more information on the project!

A Ladder to the Burning Clouds

A ladder to the burning clouds

Quasi-Shadow Theatre

The Quasi-Shadow Theatre is a form that controls and manipulates light to create complex shadows that evolve over the course of the day. The design will encourage interaction in the construction process through to completion, bringing people together.

The structure is based on the composition of a Quasicrystal, an unworldly geometry which defied the rules of chemistry. It is a complex piece that reveals excitement and variation at every angle, ever evolving as you approach. When observing the structure for long enough it will begin to expose its inner order, yet non periodically repeated, resulting in a piece of art that is both simple in its component build up yet intrinsically complex in its overall aesthetic. It takes on a dense but almost weightless feel, constructed from ultra light ply tubing giving it a delicateness. Despite this appearance it is actually a strong structure that is designed to a scale that allows people to climb over, shelter under and generally use as playground, and one that extends across the desert floor in the form of morphing shadows. With the art theme being fertility this year I thought it would be appropriate for the structure to reveal a ‘moment’ in its shadow morphology forming an animal often is associated with this theme, the Rabbit. The idea behind this is to create a reference point in time when people can meet and share the experience.