Three DS10 students win Art Grants for the Burning Man Festival 2015 (Diploma Studio 10 at the University of Westminster led by Toby Burgess and Arthur Mamou-Mani)  is happy to announce more good news – Three of our students have just received art grants from the Burning Man Festival to build the pavilions they designed as part of our brief – Congratulations to the following winners:

All DS10 students will be offered a chance to build the projects this summer with the designers and we will be supported by RAMBOLL and Format Engineers.

Over the course of four years, DS10 has submitted a little more than 80 proposals to the Global Arts Grant of Burning Man and received a total of 6 grants including the ones for Fractal Cult Shipwreck (built in 2013) and Hayam (built in 2014). We are all very proud and excited to go back!

The Infinity Tree by Tobias Power
The Infinity Tree by Tobias Power
Reflection by Lorna Jackson
Reflection by Lorna Jackson
Bismuth Bivouac by Jon Leung
Bismuth Bivouac by Jon Leung
Watch our TEDx talk, The Architecture of Joy to understand the philosophy behind these projects
As the grant is limited, we need your help to pay for transportation and the additional costs related to construction, you can donate on the PayPal button below just indicate which project you want to donate to, kickstarter campaigns should follow shortly:


Crit One

Some joyous proposals for both Burning Man and Buro Happold’s London office at yesterdays crit, the first of the year.

Our guest critics were Andrew Best, James Solly, Andrei Jipa, Harry Charringdon and Ben Stringer. Thank you all for your inspiring comments and tireless enthusiasm throughout the day.

Here are some images of the exciting work coming out of the studio this year, more to come 🙂

Frozen music pavilion by Toby Plunkett inspired by the soundwaves inside a cube
Frozen music pavilion by Toby Plunkett inspired by the soundwaves inside a cube
Diana Raican’s transforming cubes model


Diana Raican
Burning Man proposal by Diana Raican exploring fractal cubes


Garis Iu
Bent timber pavilion by Garis Iu
Naomi Danos Andrei Jipa
Guest critic and DS10 alumni Andrei Jipa with Naomi Danos’s hypar surfaces model


Inspired by Cairo tesselation, playful pavillion by Sarah Stell
Sarah Stell’s model capturing the translation of cubes into dodecahedrons
Lianne Clark’s animated keyframe light and shadow explorations
Jon Leung’s bismuth inspired pavilion
Aslan Adnan’s perturbated pavilion inspired by crystal growth patterns
The Tower of Power by Tobias Power
Rheotomic surface installation by Tobias Power
Charlotte Yates animated jitterbug model proposed for Buro Happold
Lorna Jackson’s spidron installations at different scales
Joe Leach’s pavilion of timber tension
Tom Jelley’s anamorphosis experiments remapping geometry
Tom jelley’s magical anamorphic proposal