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DANGER! – a project making people to stop as there’re hazards of Burning Man ahead.  Navigation, which allows them to find the way out and look at the signs. At the same time it will let them to come closer, stay curious and discover danger from inside out.


DANGER! is a zone where Love and Fire are being found.  The place where people express their love to surroundings such as Landscape, People, Architectural structures, each other. Love that they can share and find within zone of DANGER!  In my opinion, Burning Man festival is about expressing the feeling of Love to someone special. At same time, Burning Man festival is closely associating with Fire. Fire of burning structures, Fire of burning Love. It all comes as one, as a zone of Danger, where visitors may find the Love and get closer to Fire.

The structure is designed to reveal following shadows: symbol of Love (Heart) and Alchemical symbol of Fire (Triangle).

Concept of the DANGER! structure


Alchemical Symbol of Fire – Equilateral Triangle

Definition of Subdivision is an act or instance of subdividing whole element into pieces. Symbol of the Proposed Burning Man Temple is an Alchemical symbol of Fire. Symbol, which stands as Equilateral Triangle, triangle with upraised point associating to infinitive Flame. Equilateral describes as having all its sides of the same length.

Burning Man defines three different types or levels of open fire, each with different characteristics, and each requiring different approval processes and safety procedures.

  • Direct contact with the playa
  • Enclosed fire
  • Relocation for burning


In any case, the structures are associated with Burning Man (burning in fire), which can be either burnt on site or be relocated for further demolition or be fired up on separate Burning Man platform.

Studies of Flame shape, move and intensity


Fire is dangerous aspect of Burning Man festival – the structures have to be placed in correct area to maintain needed gaps for visitors stay safe. The Flame has it’s intensity moments, when it can explode and catch structure near by.

It is a zone of DANGER!

Sun rises up at 7a.m and brings the light of a day- shadow of the heart will appear at the first platform of DANGER!. Why is at 7 am? It is a time when citizens of Burning Man may join the awakening of the sun within the field, as it is a time when sun is coming out from East side mountains. Also, it is the time,when Yoga and Meditation classes are beginning. I believe it’s when soul and body are awaken to make and share the Beauty and Love.


17 pm  Triangle shadow       =            BURNING MAN  FESTIVAL         =         7 am Heart shadow

Sun Studies at Black Rock City in Nevada 


Site Model at 1:200000

Shape finding

Distortion of shape while keeping same shadow of triangle at certain position of the sun.untitled-1-8

Option 1                               Option 2                    Option 3                     Option 4                      Option 5

Design development




Further studies on shadow creation


Experimental model – triangle shadow cast


Test video of two shadow being cast- Heart within triangle and Triangle with a symbol of Burning Man inside.

7 am and 5 pm 2nd and 3rd of September it is when the structure, shadows and people of Burning Man are becoming one entity.


Danger is 10m long, 3m wide and 3m tall. The entire structure is made out of 18mm birch plywood, 30cm diameter poles which are assembled on the Playa.

sunrise2 1.jpg

A 1:1 scale model of one part of the model including pole and platform had been built on site of University of Westminster to test the size, materials and way of building and assembling the structure.


Day and Night shape finding

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During the night, the structure will be lightened up by neon lights fixed to external edge of the floating triangles. From certain view point the heart and triangle will be seen.


Final Model 1:20 scale


Way of assembling the DANGER!

Visitors and citizens are welcome to gather at the platforms created and stay within zone of Danger to enjoy the hot day in Nevada by the time second shadow appears. The sun at 5 pm will bring a shadow of Triangle, which represents the symbol of fire. It is the time when Burning Man is announcing the best burners of the festival. The time when everyone will get ready for the start of the main part of the festival- burning structures and a beauty of the Fire.


You are in zone of DANGER!

The project of DANGER! is designed for Burning Man festival, Black Rock City, Nevada, USA, 2017 by Ana Sidorova