Toby Burgess BIO

Toby Burgess currently teaches two Architectural Masters courses at two London Universities, with a focus on the funding and delivery of student led designs, previously coordinating London Metropolitan University’s entry in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, winner of the Royal Institute of British Architects Silver Medal 2012 for best student project worldwide, and managing delivery of two student architectural installations at Burning Man festival 2013.

Across this spectrum of tutoring the themes of environmental design, digital analysis, formal generation and fabrication are his main areas of research.

As the recipient of the Baylight scholarship to study at the Architectural Association, his research focused on the potential of utilising digital technologies in the generation and fabrication of environmentally and culturally responsible architecture.

Toby was lead designer on ‘Casa Kike’ by Gianni Botsford Architects, winner of the 2008 Lubetkin Prize, and has worked at Grimshaw Architects, where he was a founding member of the ‘Project Sustainability Group’ an in house team of sustainability researchers and advisors to the office on a range of international projects.

His design work and research has been internationally exhibited and published.

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